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Pam and Blu are Here For You!

Meet the dynamic duo behind Safety & Gear (SAG) support

Pam Mccann and Blu Benzinger have been working behind the scenes on ride day for over 15 years. They've seen everything from last minute parades on rider routes to torrential downpours and hail appearing quite literally out of the blue. Pam and Blu manage the SAG support team, a group of individuals committed to rider safety and support. "SAG drivers are the cheerleaders of the ride," says Blu, "The riders appreciate the comfort of knowing there's a SAG team member there when needed." Pam adds, "It's a great way for family and friends of riders to participate as well." 

We need SAG volunteers for RFTF 2022. Sign up or recruit a friend to volunteer with Pam and Blu!


Ride Stats

$84,528.29 raised


143 riders

2021 Impact

453,815 meals served


2,111 clients


15 counties in MD

Ask a Rider Series

Q: "So what is Chamois Butt'r and can I put it on toast?"

A: I'm only going to say this once. Do not eat the Chamois Butt'r. I mean, I know you're burning alot of calories out there, but reach for a protein bar instead! 

All jokes aside, Chamois Butt'r, also known as anti-chafe cream, is really a rider's best friend. Use it on your legs to minimize friction and skin irritation while riding or running. It will allow you to have a longer, more comfortable ride and it keeps your skin happy too. We provide Chamois Butt'r on ride day, but if you need it before then, find it online or at most sporting goods stores. And remember, keep it in your cycling bag, not your kitchen pantry ;)

Want to learn more about fundraising, training, and what to expect from Ride for the Feast? Submit your questions here!


For more information about Ride for the Feast 2022 or to register, please visit www.rideforthefeast.org


Catch the Match!

Matching Day 3/25

Heads up! Your opportunity to reach that fundraising goal is coming up on Friday, 3/25. All donations up to $250 will be matched and added to your team or individual total. Make sure to submit your donation on the Ride for the Feast website, and select the individual or team that should benefit from the match. All matches will appear in fundraising totals on Monday, 3/28. Claim your spot on the leader board below. Happy Matching!  


Ride for the Feast Fundraisers

Click on the images below for more information about upcoming Ride for the Feast team fundraisers! 

Want help promoting your RFTF fundraiser? Please submit your fundraiser information to Akelley@mfeast.org and include the date, time, location, and links.

2022 Baltimore Salt Box Calendar

Winners Chosen on 3/11!

20% of proceeds donated, 3pm - 9pm


Ride for the Feast Hoodie


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If your company would like to sponsor Ride for the Feast, contact Angie Kelley.

Contact Us

info@mfeast.org | 410-327-3420

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